This symposium seeks to canvas a range of contemporary responses to, and analyses of, the question of relationality—both as promise and problem. It invites 20-minute papers from across the disciplines (including interdisciplinary work), and from a variety of theoretical perspectives, that address any aspect of the topic of relationality. Panel proposals of up to three 20-minute papers are also welcome.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • relationality & the “relational turn”
  • the relational & other “turns”
  • relationality & phenomenology
  • relationality & the body
  • the “relational turn” in psychoanalysis
  • relationality & its other
  • relationality & trauma
  • relationality & narcissism
  • relationality & vulnerability
  • relationality & intimacy
  • relationality & ethics
  • relationality & terror
  • relationality & climate change
  • relationality & race
  • relationality & the anthropocene
  • relationality & survival
  • relationality vis-à-vis specific disciplinary concerns (e.g. postcolonialism, feminism, queers studies, disability studies, eco-criticism, posthumanism, international relations, peace & conflict studies)
  • relationality & the work of a specific thinker (e.g. Lewis Aron, Jessica Benjamin, Judith Butler, Frantz Fanon, G.W.F. Hegel, Martin Heidegger, Melanie Klein, Jean Laplanche, Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Stephen Mitchell, Jean-Luc Nancy, D.W. Winnicott)

To preserve the integrity of the event and foster a productive exchange between participants, the symposium is planned as a single-stream event with no parallel sessions. For this reason, the maximum number of papers we can accept is 30. Selected papers will be published in a quality-assured international journal.


Deadline: extended until Friday, 17 July 2015

Paper and panel proposals should be emailed to Dr Simone Drichel:

Please give the email the subject ‘Relationality abstract – your surname’ and include your name, paper title, an abstract (250 words max) and up to 5 key words. Please also add a short biographical note. Panels should submit an abstract and biographical note for each paper/presenter.

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